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Are you a Primary 5 or 6 student in Singapore looking to ace your PSLE English exams? has got you covered! Our comprehensive question bank offers thousands of past year’s PSLE English questions with detailed explanations and interactive features, designed to make learning easy and effective. With our app, learners can find content tailored to their individual needs, allowing them to improve their English language skills quickly and efficiently from the comfort of home. So don’t wait – get started on PSLE prep today with!

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    Develop a PSLE English Study Plan – plan out your study schedule and set achievable goals

    English is a critical language component for Primary 5 and 6 students in Singapore as they prepare for their PSLE exams. It is an important subject as it forms a strong foundation in their communication skills and understanding of language, which they can carry into higher education or further studies.

    Preparing for PSLE English can seem daunting, but with the right strategies and resources, it doesn’t have to be! PSLE English tests students on their ability to comprehend, interpret and respond to various texts from an array of genres. As such, proper PSLE preparation requires a combination of extensive knowledge of the PSLE syllabus, a well-planned study schedule with achievable goals and the use of resources such as e-learning apps and assessment books to ensure comprehension and mastery of language skills.

    Enhance Your Vocabulary Bank – learn new words regularly and use them in context during conversations or writing tasks

    To help students reach their PSLE target scores in Paper Two, they need to keep expanding their vocabulary bank. Aspiring students must possess a comprehensive understanding of vocabulary, syntax, and other related concepts. An ideal method to hone these skills is by studying past years’ exam papers; this not only equips students with the required knowledge about the format of their upcoming exams but also allows them to be familiarised with various words and phrases that are frequently incorporated into the PSLE English exam questions. As a result, they’ll be armed with the aptitude to respond quickly and accurately when similar questions come up during their exams!

    Make Use of Resources – Utilise online resources to help you

    Making use of PSLE English resources is an essential element of any PSLE preparation plan. Reviewing past years’ PSLE English exam papers can be extremely helpful in giving students an understanding of the PSLE exam format, as well as highlighting relevant topics to focus on. Utilizing online PSLE resources such as can also significantly benefit learners by providing an extensive question bank and interactive features tailored to their individual learning needs.

    Introducing – PSLE Prep Made Easy

    PSLE English preparation just got a whole lot easier with, a mobile app designed specifically to help Primary 5 and 6 students in Singapore ace their PSLE English exams.

    Access Thousands of Past Year’s PSLE Questions with Detailed Explanations

    With this app, learners can practise thousands of past years’ Primary 5 and Primary 6 English questions with detailed explanations, allowing them to hone their skills and build confidence before the exam. With a comprehensive question bank that derived questions from top-tier schools, learners can easily identify the types of questions commonly asked in PSLE English exams and how to answer them.

    Three exciting modes of learning to help English learners master their PSLE exams: Exam, Topical and A.I Worksheet mode. offers three exciting modes of learning to help learners master their exams: Exam, Topical and A.I. Worksheet mode.

    Exam Mode: This mode is designed for Primary 5 and Primary 6 students who want to test their knowledge of the PSLE English syllabus in an exam format. By trying out the insightful questions from previous years’ school exams, students can gain valuable study experience that prepares them for tackling their PSLE.

    Topical Mode: This mode is perfect for students who want to focus on specific PSLE syllabus sections. Using this feature, students can easily select the PSLE syllabus sections(e.g. Grammar, Vocabulary, Comprehension Cloze etc) they want to master, and the app will generate questions and explanations in those sections. This encourages students to focus on their weak areas in PSLE English and improve their mastery of them over time.

    A.I Worksheet Mode: This mode is an innovative feature of that generates worksheets for students to practice their English skills. This feature leverages artificial intelligence to generate PSLE questions tailored to each student’s proficiency level, allowing learners to hone their English skills purposefully and interactively.

    Analytics Dashboard: Let motivation be fueled by progress, not results’s Analytics Dashboard is the perfect companion for our learners. With this feature, students can track their progress and receive personalised guidance to help them study smarter, not harder. The dashboard provides detailed analytics on each learner’s PSLE English proficiency. This enables learners to identify their strengths and weaknesses across various PSLE exam components and monitor how they are progressing over time.

    Are you at a loss as to how to best equip your child with the skills they need for the PSLE English exam? It’s time to get on the fast track with Get started and download for free today!

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